Ways to Handle a Ticket


​Some cases for specific violations may be dismissed depending on various legal circumstances.  Usually if the violation is fixed and/or proof is shown by the appearance date on your citation, the case can be dismissed. If you have received a citation for violations involving expired driver's license, vehicle registration (late penalty must be paid to your county tax office), fail to display driver's license, violation of driver license restriction A, only one license plate, or no registration (insignia issued before citation), you may be eligible for dismissal if you present proof that you have corrected the violation within 20 business days after receiving the citation.  View the list below for information on common violations associated with compliance dismissals, as well as necessary proof and court fines associated with the dismissal. There may be other legal circumstances or violations that may be dismissed upon showing proof or bringing into compliance; however, please obtain the services of an attorney licensed in Texas to obtain legal advice. Municipal court clerks cannot provide legal advice. Compliance Dismissals list: CLICK HERE TO VIEW.


Deferred Disposition options are available to those who are eligible.  If all terms required by the court are successfully met, the case will be dismissed. If any requirements are not met and you cannot provide a satisfactory reason at a hearing before a judge, you will be found guilty and a conviction reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety.


Notice: Drivers who are convicted of one or more of the following traffic offenses, including but not limited to, driving without insurance, driving while license invalid or driving without a license, will pay a yearly surcharge for three years from the date each conviction is reported to Department of Public Safety. Please refer to the Texas Department of Public Safety Driver Responsibility Program for further information. 
Website: www.txdps.state.tx.us/driverlicense/drp.htm.

Pay Online

  • View fees or pay online with our online bill payment
  • Only full payments, payments on previously approved payment plans, DSC requests, and previously approved Deferred Dispositions may be paid online.

Pay in Person

  • Please bring a valid proof of identification.
  • Cash
  • Credit card (Visa, Discover, Master Card, American Express). A 3% processing fee will be charged on all credit/debit transactions
  • Cashier's check
  • Money order
  • Please bring a valid proof of identification.
Pay by Mail

  • Send your payment to: Rollingwood Municipal Court - 403 Nixon Drive, Rollingwood, TX 78746
  • Provide a your Citation number or a copy of the citation
  • Money orders and cashiers checks are accepted. (No personal checks)
  • Do not send cash.


Contact the Rollingwood Municipal Court at 512-328-7200


After 90 days unpaid cases are sent to Perdue, Brandon, Fielder, Collins & Mott, LLP (PBFCM) for collections. PBFCM can be reached at 866-870-8565. www.pbfcm.com 

Information on inspections and registration stickers becoming 1 - www.twostepsonesticker.com 

If you suspect that your driver's license has been denied due to a failure to appear / failure to pay you will need to contact OmniBase client services at 800-686-0570 or Texas Department of Public Safety at 512-424-2600.